Assembly Schedule for class III- XII

S.No. Date Day Class Topic
103-Apr-2019 Wednesday House Assembly All is Well that Starts Well (07 Apr- World Health Day)
211-Apr-2019 Thursday XA Gratitude is the Best Attitude
318-Apr-2019 Thursday VA, XB Distinct Today, Extinct Tomorrow (22 Apr- World Earth Day)
425-Apr-2019 Thursday IV A Dance- The Language of Soul (29 Apr- International Dance Day)
---XC Nation that Reads is the Nation that Leads (23 Apr- World Book Day)
501-May-2019 Wednesday House Assembly Honouring the Unsung Heroes (01 May- International Labour's Day)
609-May-209 Thursday III A, VI A Multitasking, Organised,Meticulous- MOM (12 May- Mother's Day)
701-Jul-2019 Monday House Assembly Vasudev Kutumbakam-
811-Jul-2019 Thursday V B IX B Dealing with Teasing
9 18-Jul-2019 Thursday House On Duty Investiture Ceremony
10 18-Jul-2019 Thursday V D Beyond Pink and Blue (14 November-Children's Day)
1125-Jul-2019 Thursday III B Footsteps to Fitness
--Thursday VIII AHave the Power to Empower
12 01-Aug-2019 Thursday IX A Hero is a Verb not a Noun
13 08-Aug-2019 Thursday XI A You Cannot Change the Direction of the Wind but Change the Direction of the Sail
14 14-Aug-2019 Wednesday VII CV C (Nukkad Natak) VIII B (Ballet) House On Duty Unfurling the Spirit of Patriotism (15 August- Independence Day)
15 22-Aug-2019 Thursday VII B Anugoonj- embrace the echo of your heart
16 29-Aug-2019 Thursday XI B Pride, Passion and Victory (29 Aug- National Sports Day) DEMONSTRATION OF ZUMBA
17 05-Sep-2019 Thursday XII A, B&C Teachers - The Key to Future (5 September- Teachers' Day)
18 12-Sep-2019 Thursday House Assembly Keep Calm, It's Just an Exam
19 01-Oct-2019 Tuesday IV B, House Assembly Be the Change You Wish to See (2 October- Gandhi Jayanti)
20 10-Oct-2019 Thursday VI B Social Networking Sites..... Connecting The Distant,
Distancing The Connected
21 25-Oct-2019 Friday VII C (Dance Drama) House on Duty Illuminating the Darkness (27 October- Diwali)
22 31-Oct-2019 Thursday V C, VI C Alone We Can Do Little ,Together We Can Do Much (Ekta Diwas)
23 07-Nov-2019 Thursday NIC Guru Nanak Jayanti (12 November)
---IX D Supporting the Fighters, Admiring the Survivors (07 Nov- National Cancer Awareness Day)
24 14-Nov-209 Thursday VD Beyond Pink and Blue (14 November-Children's Day)
---vine Action to be Effective must be Directed (14 November- Children's Day)
25 21-Nov-2019 Thursday IXC Role of Media....Filtering The Noise (21 Nov- World Television Day)
26 28-Nov-2019 Thursday XI C Value The Invaluables
27 05-Nov-2019 Thursday VI D Discovering Yourself
28 24-Dec-2019 Tuesday III D, VII D Christmas Fiesta- Giving is the Greatest Act of Grace (25 December- Christmas)
29 15-Jan-2020 Tuesday House Assembly Optimism Is The Faith That Leads To Achievement
30 24-Jan-2020 Friday IV D, VII A, House On Duty Vibrant India (26 January- Republic Day)
31 February -- Farewell

Assembly Guidelines

  • Crisp presentation of 10 minutes. (Excluding Prayer)
  • Prayer followed by News and Thought.
  • Poem/Song/Dance/Debate/Extempore can be taken up on the given topic.