Assembly Schedule for class Nur - II

S.No. Date Day Class Topic
1 01-Aug-2019 Thursday IIC Friendship
2 08-Aug-2019 Thursday KG Siblings-The bond of unconditional love (15 August- Rakshabandhan)
3 22-Aug-2019 Thursday Nur Krishan Leela (24 August-Janamashtmi)
4 29-Aug-2019 Thursday IA Ganesh Chaturthi (2 September)
5 04-Sep-2019 Friday II B Truth Triumphs (8 October-Dussehra)
6 12-Sep-2019 Thursday I B The treasure box of love, care and values. (8 September- Grandparents' Day)
7 19-Sep-2019 Thursday I C The 3 Magic Words
8 25-Oct-2019 Friday II A(Nukad Natak) Illuminating the Darkness (27 October- Diwali)

Assembly Guidelines

  • Crisp presentation of 10 minutes. (Excluding prayer)
  • Prayer followed by Thought and News.
  • Poem / song / dance / debate / extempore. etc. can be taken up on the given topic.
  • Class assembly boards to be prepared by the class.