CLUBS @ Bosco

At Bosco, we believe in integrating practical knowledge with academics for the holistic development of a child. Our school provides innumerable club activities to the students to hone their talent and recognize their hidden talent. The core concept of Clubs is an opportunity for adaptation to life in the group, sowing the seeds of lifelong habits, and cultivating a voluntaristic spirit.

Namchi Club (EBSB Club)

  • Aims to promote understanding in the students about people of different states.
  • Activities are carried out to promote out a structured cultural conduct.

Rock-n-Roll (Dance Club)

  • Aims to train students at various traditional and modern day dance forms.
  • Basic training of collaboration and co-ordination is being imparted.

Disha (Community Device Club)

  • Provides an opportunity to students in doing their part of community service by helping the underprivileged.
  • It aims at inculcating the values of generosity and being sensitive towards the society as a whole.
  • Promotes activities which are beneficial for the society.

A-La- Carta (Cooking without fire Club)

  • Students are taught basic culinary etiquettes.
  • An initiative to familiarize students with basic household tools and flame less cooking alternatives.
  • Our endeavor is to make students learn all the life skills.

Rendezvous (Literary Club):

  • The art of narration is edified to the students.
  • An initiative to help the students in getting enthralled with the astounding world of literature. 
  • Opens up a window to communicate different values and beliefs.
  • Develop the art of public speaking.

Srijan (Art & Craft Club)

  • To give an artistic experience to the creative minds in the Art and Craft.
  • The students are introduced to various art forms and styles.
  • Aesthetic aptitude is finely calibrated in the students through this club.

Quiz- Whiz (Quizzing Club)

  • The clubs intends to continue inspiring the students to develop a passion for quizzing, gaining and sharing knowledge.
  • Great opportunity for students to be smart thinkers and enhancing their analytical skills.
  • Supports in the Cognitive Development of a child.

Techno (Computer Technology Clubs)

  • Aims at making students tech savvy.
  • Providing space to the students in being effective and efficient to express their creativity with the help of various types of software tools.

Eco- Club:

  • Aims at bringing a sense of responsibility towards the environment.
  • Provides a wonderful opportunity to help generate awareness, build attitudes and enable students to take up activities in the real world.
  • Fostering the abilities of students to equip them for life.

Broadway (Dramatics Club)

  • Great way for students to showcase their dramatic skills.
  • Propels the young ones in being confident and helps them to overcome stage fright to a considerable extent.