CLUBS @ Bosco

Club activities help in overall and harmonious development of a child. These activities will empower students with effective communication skills, life skills, fun learning, knowledge, fitness, enhancing their Competency based learning, joyful learning and experiential learning in full swing. To explore and chisel the hidden talent and potential of the student, the school provides the medium in the form of different clubs.

Namchi- EBSB Club (Sikkim)

Respecting and propounding the spirit of ‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’, the school has established Namchi Club after its partner state Sikkim, which is paired with Delhi. Students learn about language, culture, tradition and geography of Sikkim. The club conducts a plethora of activities related to partner state Sikkim generating vibrancy of understanding and appreciation ensuring an enriched value system of unity in nation.

  • To celebrate the ‘Unity in Diversity’ of India
  • To promote national integration
  • To create an environment that encourages learning between Delhi and Sikkim
  • Teacher In-charge:

Sports Club (Alfresco)

Sport is a preserver of health. Students participate in a rich range of sports commensurate with their abilities and every child should be able to find a skill to become engaged in.The major sports are soccer, cricket, badminton, football, judo, swimming, skating and table tennis.

  • To fabricate future sportsman
  • To promote sports as an instrument for physical and mental fitness
  • To develop teamwork and sportsmanship
  • To promote healthy and active lifestyle amongst students

Disha Club (Community Service Club)

Disha Club strives to provide a range of social service opportunities and community outreach programmes that allow Boscons to expand their understanding of social issues and consider their role in finding solutions to community concerns.

  • To recognize and develop constructive leadership and personal integrity
  • To raise funds/donations in kind for the under-privileged / disaster stricken.
  • Creating awareness and thereby sensitizing the youth to the needs of the under-needy ones.

Tarumitra (Eco Club)

The EcoClub is a voluntary group that promotes the participation of students in learning about and improving their environment.The Eco Club is a means by which students and youth can organize themselves to learn more about this issueand also take action to improve their immediate environment.

  • To empower students to explore environmental concepts
  • To spread awareness and promote sound and healthy environmental behaviour
  • Tosave the environment for a better tomorrow

Srijan (Art and Craft Club)

Creativity is a process that comes naturally to people, wherein ideas and imagination are converted into reality. It is the crux of life and makes an individual fall in love with life. Students must be taught about the significance of generating ideas, exploring art and craft and being creative.

  • To promote a growing appreciation for art and craft in our community.
  • To encourage students for the development of creativity
  • To enhance the artistic skills of students.

Broadway (Dramatics Club)

Students who are inclined to dramatics are encouraged and provided guidance to develop to their maximum potential. The dramatics program helps in developing presentation and communication skills and builds up the self-esteem of students. It makes them more confident about performing in front of a crowd.

  • The club enables its students to work in collaborative and artistic ensembles
  • To enhance their listening skills as well as develop respect for every individual
  • To help students to appreciate theatre arts – be it theory, performance, or production on either traditional or global standpoints

Symphony (Music Club)

Music Club caters to the students who are inclined to music. It nurtures the students who love to learn music. Along with adapting and cultivating diversified music, the Club offers voice coaching, chances to play and learn various musical instruments, musical notation sessions.

  • To know and understand how sounds are made and then organised into musical structures
  • To know how music is made through a variety of instruments
  • To develop the interrelated skills of performing, composing, appraising and appreciating music

Aryabhatta (Arithmetic-logical Skill Club)

Arithmetic-logical Skill Clubaims to create and maintain interest in mathematics. Activities like discussions, lectures, certain mathematical games are conducted for the students. Overall, it helps the students in having an idea of the practical utility of mathematics in addition to create their interest in mathematics.

  • To arouse and maintain students’ interest in mathematics.
  • To develop their explorative, creative and inventive faculties.
  • To developheuristic and problem-solving attitude among the students.
  • To translate the theory into practice and to apply their learning in daily life situations.

Quiz-Whiz (Quizzing Club)

Quizzes appeal to those who love to test their knowledge and intellect. General Knowledge helps an individual to gain enriching knowledge about the world around them. The school conducts activities involve identifying talented students, conducting training programs to help to sharpen their knowledge and skills.

  • To update the knowledge of its students in different sectors like academics, quantitative and qualitative ability, etc.
  • To generate a passion for quizzes amongst the students along with helping them to gain knowledge as well as share it
  • To make quizzes popular amongst the students, thereby motivating them to compete at state, central levels of competitions and examinations

Rendezvous (English and Hindi Literary Skills Club)

The Literary Club at Boscoains to develop analytical and creative thinking among students. It offers opportunities to appreciate different types of writings, literature and increase their knowledge about writers and literary classics. The Literary Club not only refines the literary skills of the students but also develops in them logic and curiosity to know more and to instil in them a confidence to speak well.

  • To inculcate among students a flair for the language and enhance their literary skills
  • To induce reading habit in students
  • To encourage students to become orators and display their intellectual, independent thinking skills and imbibe a sense of confidence
  • To improve and encourage public speaking and creative writing

Peace and Meditation Club

Meditation is an ancient skill that continues to benefit humankind today. It is a technique, which when practiced regularly can help develop concentration, clarity, awareness, and a healthy perspective. 

  • To help reduce depression, stress, and anxiety
  • To develop self-knowledge, resilience and a positive outlook on life
  • To stay mentally, physically and emotionally fit

Dance Club

The dance club believes that anybody can dance, and all you need is the heart to dance. Dance is a way to express one’s emotions and feelings. The club focuses on expressing emotions and feelings through various dance forms.

  • To display an understanding of expressions and rhythm
  • To develop a multifaceted physicality by way of providing training in various dance techniques 

Debating Club

Debating Club works on the acquisition of comprehension skills which is paramount for students to become competent readers, speakers and writers. Debates allow students to become more proficient in speaking, researching, reading, and writing skills and they promote reasoning as well as communication skills.

  • To express their opinions assertively in a respectful manner on a relevant issue or topic
  • To express their thoughts and opinions confidently, clearly and powerfully, in every situation

Photography Club

Photography is much more than just having a camera and taking pictures. Students in this club have opportunities to hone their skills by understanding and learning about what makes a good photograph, from composition to artistic expression.

  • To edit and enhance photographic images for their own use, as well as for publication
  • To practice their skills while photographing and explore exciting side of the visual arts.

Techno (Computer Club)

The club gives an opportunity to students to explore technology by discussing and reviewing new products and gadgets. It helps in informing the students about the other aspects of computer technology, such as working with latest technology and software entering competitions and learning about new technology.

  • To create awareness amongst students about new technologies
  • To aim at empowering students with information technology skills