Principal's Message


Welcome to the Bosco Public School Website
Education in the 21st century is not just about classroom learning and the memorising of facts. Education in its fullest sense is active, not passive. It encompasses the development of skills such as the ability to think more deeply, to analyse, evaluate, explain, summarise, synthesise and be able to create. It comes from a range of experiences both within the classroom and outside. Our students not only have excellent opportunities to study the necessary range of subjects in the classroom but also to participate in enrichment activities which enhance their all-round education. They are encouraged to have self-confidence, curiosity and ambition, to share ideas, to discuss, to ask and answer questions, to be inquisitive and to be creative. They are encouraged to develop the personal qualities of humility, compassion and respect.
Learning is a journey, one that is full of surprises, challenges and enjoyment. It is a journey that I hope every student will find exciting, fulfilling and memorable at Bosco..

Mr.Raju Duggal