Wall of Kindness

Bosco is glad to share with you that on the occasion of the birthday of honourable Founder Manager of our School, *Shri N.K.Duggal ji*, the school inaugurated - नेकी की दीवार- The Wall of Kindness, to create ripples of kindness and share the joy of GIVING. The wall of kindness was inaugurated on 2 Nov. 2021 by the school's respected Chairman Dr. Gurpreet Singh Tuteja, sagacious Principal, Mr. Rajiv Duggal and Ms. Anuradha Duggal alongwith eminent presence of Mr. Sahil Duggal and Ms. Geeta Duggal. Our generous Vice Principal Ms. Priya Handa shared that the wall works on a simple principle - one who needs can take and one who has extra can donate. Staff members donated new, presentable items and utility- oriented goods acknowledging that it was indeed a befitting day and apt forthcoming occasion of Diwali to help the people need with wearables, electronic gadgets, bags and stationery.

Bosco urges you all that this Diwali taste the sweetness of kind gestures and make a difference.