School Labs

Bosco is benefited with talented and experienced teachers & educationists. Our staff besides excelling in their respective fields has concern in particular for the children. Undoubted faith & responsibility can be bestowed on such a capable staff which adds onto a most valuable asset of this Educational institute. The School also offers different lab facilities for our children:

The Computer Lab

The school offers computer Education from class Nursery Onwards. Proper ambience to this device is given by our computer labs. This disclosure enables scientific approach through questioning observation & experimentation, framing the results & conclusions. The lab has all the advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software to cater to the requirements of the students, teachers and the curriculum. The school has two computer labs with latest configuration and LCD Projector in each lab.

1. Junior Computer Lab: For Nursery to class 5th.

2. Senior Computer Lab: For class 6th to 12th.

Maths Lab

Maths laboratory is a room wherein we find collection of different kinds of materials, teaching and learning aids needed to help the students understand the concept through relevant, meaningful and concrete activities .These activities are carried out by the students to explore the world of Mathematics, to learn to discover and to develop an interest in the students

Science Lab

The science labs at Bosco are well equipped and provide quench to the scientific temper of an inquisitive brain. Separate labs for Physics, Chemistry & Biology are at par with the requirement of the syllabi.

Chemistry Lab

The school chemistry laboratories play an important part in allowing students to carry out scientific experiments in the same way that professional scientists do. Due to the complex nature of some chemistry experiments, care is taken to ensure a safe and appropriate environment for conducting experiments in addition to providing a spacious work area. The laboratory is designed following all the safety norms. The working table top is made of chemical proof high quality granite. A fire extinguisher, emergency water supply, medical kit, extra pure grade chemicals and borosilicate glass made apparatus form an essential parts of the chemistry laboratory.

Physics Lab

In science the credit goes to the man who convinces the world, not the man to whom the idea first occurs"-- Sir Francis Darvin
Our school has a full fledged physics laboratory so thatstudents can carry out their experiments comfortably.
Electrical connections are provided through out the table, that too with industrial MCB protection for ensuring safety in the physics laboratory.
High quality electrical wiring, highly polished table tops make physics practical really more enjoyable.

Biology Lab

Science plays a vital role in the development of scientific temper amongst the students.The labs help in providing the practical knowledge of the subject effectively. They help in making concepts clear and reduce dependence on cramming. Pupils can relate textual knowledge with the practical aspects of life. They understand better when their learning is based on observation.

We have a well equipped biology laboratory with a good collection of charts and models. The plant and the animal specimens are shown through virtual media and available permanent slides as per the current syllabus of all classes.The lab is well equipped with all the latest instruments and apparatus required for the experiments. It is well-lit, ventilated and spacious. Students from sixth to twelfth regularly visit the laboratory. It enables students to understand the various concept of science and become familiar with the biodiversity of the neighbourhood.